What Can You Do with a Biology Degree?

If you are wondering if school is a great choice for you or if you should go back to school, the answer is yes. With the right education, you can land a great job that suits you and garners great pay, so that you can eventually provide for yourself and the family if you decide to start one. If you are interested in the field of biology, this could prove very useful for your life, and you can achieve anything you want to with a degree in biology. The question aspiring biologists want to know is, what can you do with a biology degree.

A biology degree coupled with work experiences, can lead to secure employment as a biologist. However, earning your biology degrees does not limit your choice of occupations. In fact, the opportunities awaiting you after graduation are nearly unlimited. With a biology degree, you can work as a physician, veterinarian, dentist, podiatrist, or physical therapist. Your biology degree may take you down the path to becoming a speech therapist, pharmacist, biomechanical engineer, or zookeeper. As you can see, earning a biology degree is akin to winning the employment version of Wheel of Fortune.

Types of Careers

Procuring a biology degree often immediately leads into research. Both government and private institutions need biologists to conduct research projects. In order to know what can you do with a biology degree, you will be involved in learning how things work, learning something new, and then telling people what you discovered. You will hone your critical thinking and problem solving kills, as well as enhancing your persistence in finding out new things. As a biologist, you will be required to research many topics. Gaining knowledge is vital to becoming a good biologist, whether you discover the next animal species or flower variant.

If you really want to learn what can you do with a biology degree, employment experts recommend that you join a research internship to experience the process of how to research. This determines if you want to continue your career in research. A summer internship is a great opportunity to further your research skills. Let us look into the field of healthcare for possible career choices. Any physician with a doctorate of medicine degree can pick a specialty that is available to him or her. Physicians who have the M.D./PhD degree have extensive experience in research and are better equipped to study specializations available to physicians, such as obstetrics, internal medicine, pathology, metrology, emergency medicine, neurology, and clear medicine. Physicians also have many choices when it comes to career options, including opening up a clinical practice.

If someone wants to learn what can you do with a biology degree and become an optometrist, he or she will have to enroll in a two-year program after achieving his or her bachelor’s degree. Someone who wants to become a pharmacist will need to do 2 to 3 years of undergraduate work and then enter a four-year pharmacy doctoral program. People who want to become dental assistants or dental hygienists should know that it requires less training than becoming a dentist. Lastly, if someone wants to become a biology teacher, he or she will need various levels of education ranging from elementary school all the way to college. If you are interested in becoming a biology teacher, you will need to know that it takes a teaching certificate with a BS degree to teach elementary through high school levels. What can you do with a biology degree depends on your passion. Follow your passion today and enroll in an online college biology program

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