What Can You do with a Health Science Degree?

You can work in several once you decide what can you do with a health science degree.  One of the more popular jobs includes working as a hospital administration office. With a health science degree, you work in the administrative sector of a local hospital. You could also be a supervisor at your local health clinic or nursing home facility.

Career Opportunities

Obtaining a health science degree does not limit your job opportunities to administrative positions. What can you do with a health science degree can take you into pharmaceutical sales. You sell all of the latest medications to local pharmacies. As the salesperson for a drug company, you will be promoting all of their different products. Therefore, you are going to need to know all different health conditions that might require medication prescriptions.

Non-profit organizations provide another possibility when you decide what can you do with a health science degree. These organizations care about the health and welfare of a community. Therefore, they will sponsor different health fairs to ensure that people obtain  flu shots and other important inoculations. They also visit local schools to talk about how important it is for a person to eat nutritional meals. You might even see these organizations present ways for local officials about to make their cities a healthier place to live.

The education field employs people who obtained a health science degree. This means that a person with this type of degree can get a job in their local school district. You will teach students about health issues and implementing a healthy diet. You could also work for the school board. When you work for the school board, you develop wellness programs that the district introduces to students and faculty.

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Dental hygienists often obtain their education in health science. A dental hygienist is the person at the dentist office that makes sure all of your teeth are clean. Some dental hygienists give patients local anesthesia. They will talk to a patient about every thing that they can do to ensure that they keep a beautiful smile. This includes the proper way to brush and floss teeth. Another health care field that employs health science graduates works as a physical therapist. A physical therapist helps people who receive serious injuries or have health conditions that preclude them from using some of the parts of their bodies. What can you do with a health science degree includes helping clients recover from burns, broken bones, and strokes. You devise a  plan to ensure that the person will be able to walk or talk as they did before the injury.

The medical assistant field has grown tremendously over the past decade. Many students who ask what can you do with a health science degree garner a position in this entry-level field immediately after graduation. Working as a medical assistant provides the perfect employment launching pad into positions that require more responsibility and offer higher pay. A medical assistant will do several different jobs under the orders of a doctor. Some of these jobs may include answering the phone, making appointments, and filing a patient’s medical records for their insurance. If the medical assistant works for a clinic, then take a patient’s vital signs, draw blood, and give a medical exam.

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